We are here to help you understand UK co-habiting non-married couples, property and child maintenance law.

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How can we help you?

Crucially, we offer to act for you on both a privately paid basis as well as No Win No Fee. This means that, unlike a lot of law firms, we are prepared to partner up with you in bringing your claim and take a financial risk ourselves, working at a reduced rate or for free in return for a share of your winnings. Alex Woods and Richard Parsons are both experienced solicitors with a great deal of litigation experience. They are the directors of Redwood Legal and their PROFILES can be found on the Redwood Legal main site.

Why us?

This area of law is not like marriage and different rules currently govern it. We advise you NOT to go to a family law firm for help in this area. Why? Because a family law claim goes through the family courts, whereas a co-habitation property dispute goes through the traditional civil litigation process. Quite different principles, rules and a different ethos apply. And crucially it may be necessary to deploy a No Win No Fee agreement. Most family law firms are simply not able to cashflow this type of arrangement. Please see this video for more information on No Win No Fee, where essentially the lawyer partners up with you and works “for free” or for a greatly reduced rate in return for share of your winnings.

Articles and news

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